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Help & Info about Who's Your Daddy? for windows

  • What is Who's Your Daddy?

    Who's Your Daddy is a game for two players: one controls a parent, the other controls a baby. Each has their own goal: the daddy's goal is to ensure that the baby makes it to the end of the round, while the baby's goal is to sustain injury. Contrary to convention, this is a game where one of the players is rewarded for getting hurt.
  • What does the gameplay of Who's Your Daddy involve?

    The gameplay is different for each player. The player controlling the baby must avoid the daddy and find a means of sustaining damage using household objects. The player controlling the daddy must stop the baby at all turns, blocking off dangerous objects and obtaining special abilities through performing certain actions.
  • What abilities are available to the daddy character?

    In Who's Your Daddy, the player controlling the daddy can access a number of different abilities and powers. "Peek-A-Boo" makes the character invisible, "Bad Dad" allows the baby to be seen through solid walls, and "Say Momma" makes certain significant objects visible through walls. These powers can be obtained by carrying out household chores such as cleaning up. However, these chores take time, raising the possibility of the baby getting harmed in the process.
  • What hazards can befall the baby character in Who's Your Daddy?

    As any parent knows, there are plenty of dangers around the household, and the game portrays this. The baby character can stick a fork in an electrical socket, climb into an oven, fall into a full bathtub, or drink hazardous chemicals. The father can prevent these disasters using special objects such as outlet covers.
  • Which is the easiest character to play as?

    In Who's Your Daddy, the player controlling the daddy has the hardest job, while the player controlling the baby will find that their side of the game is a lot easier. For more balanced play, players can take turns switching between the two characters.
  • What platforms is Who's Your Daddy available for?

    The game is available for each of the major home computer operating systems: Windows, Mac OS and Linux. However, a user running outdated versions of any of these systems should make sure that the game fits their individual system requirements before downloading.
  • What age range is Who's Your Daddy suitable for?

    It may involve a very small child as one of its main characters, but the game itself is not suited to young children. Its macabre sense of humour and gameplay based around "dead baby jokes" means that it may be uncomfortable for more sensitive players.
  • How many players can take part in Who's Your Daddy?

    The game is designed specifically for two players. It cannot handle any more than that, and it also lacks a solo mode. This is a game that can only be played with a friend at hand, and does not sustain single-player.
  • When was Who's Your Daddy created?

    The game was released in 2015, although as a low-budget indie title, it uses a graphical style that means it could easily be mistaken for a title from the early 2000s. Some players may find this off-putting, although others will appreciate the overall retro flavour.
  • Is Who's Your Daddy free to download?

    No. Downloading and installing the game will cost a fee; however, the price tag on the game is very small, making it suitable as a budget purchase for audiences who simply wants a quick, casual two-player experience.


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