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Who's Your Daddy?

Who's Your Daddy? Demo preview

A bizarre aversion of slapstick

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  • Makayla Bryant

    by Makayla Bryant

    i am so glad to play this game i just want to play it all day.   More

  • Coo Kalousis

    by Coo Kalousis

    Its a good game because you can play with who ever you want.I recommend it because it's still like the one you can pa...   More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    Pros: NOTHIN
    Cons: TO WORK.   More

  • Dave Crapperson

    by Dave Crapperson

    DOSENT WORT..   More

  • Alex Sniff

    by Alex Sniff

    whos your daddy.
    fun and a lot of people likes it so I wont to play it so much.   More

  • Alex Sniff

    by Alex Sniff

    whos your daddy.
    fun and a lot of people likes it so I wont to play it so much
    Pros: whos your daddy
    C...   More

  • Ugne Budryte

    by Ugne Budryte

    um i love the game i love my real dad i hate the fake dad and yea.
    um midium kind of bad kind of good and yea i ...   More

  • Amgad Yousif

    by Amgad Yousif

    its cool but the demo is bad because its only online.
    its actully one of the most fun game but the demo is bad b...   More

  • Tayah Goodman

    by Tayah Goodman

    i love it.
    Its cool i love it so much keep up the absolutely amazing work
    Pros: The Fact That You Can Shoot...   More

  • Janice Mz

    by Janice Mz

    It won't let me play any games!!!Why is it like that? PLS HELP!!!.   More

  • Dave Chandler

    by Dave Chandler

    its fun.
    i think whose ure daddy takes long to downloads but its great fun
    Pros: that the daddy can pick up...   More

  • Jonathan Banning

    by Jonathan Banning

    I loved it.

  • Nikos Toxic07

    by Nikos Toxic07

    i cant find servers i dont know why but i want to play it i have see it from youtube
    Pros: have...   More

  • Sophie Sowry

    by Sophie Sowry

    nice cool.
    good, i love it. it was so fun to play around with it thanks for making it
    Pros: the update
    ...   More

  • Carey Jones

    by Carey Jones

    uhh its fun?.
    its a relly fun game and i see remixes of it on roblox its so fun
    Pros: how you can take turn...   More

  • Annabeth Reus

    by Annabeth Reus

    Didn't work, no servers..
    Tried to play the game but no servers would load. Saw Jenna Marbles playing it and tho...   More

  • Anonymous

    by Anonymous

    No,I cant.
    Great Game! Love it! Please fix the downloading proses of the mane program in general..   More

  • Maria Kindblom

    by Maria Kindblom

    is good game and good to play whit frieands i like whos your daddy.   More

  • Laylah Bly

    by Laylah Bly

    Fun to play and to talk about..
    I think it is pretty fun to play and once you get the controls right it is fun a...   More

  • Taylor Greenway

    by Taylor Greenway

    the daddy has to keep the baby alive for one hore.
    its funny its cool it is vary vary vary funny its cool I love...   More

  • Amber Ashbaugh

    by Amber Ashbaugh

    if the goes in water it will die.
    it is good for kids and teens and gron ups so play it now ;)
    Pros: the do...   More

  • by Anonymous

    a very lovly game..
    its a very cool game and experience i think more games should be like it.   More

  • by Anonymous

    i love this game its the best and i loovvvveeeee it so much.
    i love this game its the best.and i loovvvvveeeeee ...   More

  • Jason Rittenhouse

    by Jason Rittenhouse

    yes i do.
    You can plays as a baby and a dad you need toy try to when your a baby you need to make the baby aliv...   More

  • Pamela Thomas

    by Pamela Thomas

    it is very good.
    it's good for adults to play so they know what its like to be a parent..   More

  • JaguarJacob

    by JaguarJacob

    i like this game because it is virus-free but there's many problems with it. 1: fps is insanely low. 2: no...   More

  • Logan Marr

    by Logan Marr

    i think it is geat.
    i think it is great and killng your self as a babey not good
    Pros: i like the anamashe...   More

  • Jack DeLong

    by Jack DeLong

    I do not know.
    I think who is your daddy? is awesome because the baby is always trying to get killed and win :)..   More

  • by Anonymous

    no i cant i didnt even play it.
    terrible i cant connect to the server its so slow and its not my internet ether ...   More

  • by Anonymous

    my name is michelle delgado.
    i love the game but i want to play agen pliese i love the game so much because is ...   More